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Permanent Systems

Fill out the form below to schedule an inspection of your fall protection systems. One of our experts will call you to schedule an inspection to accomplish the following:

  1. Fallproof will provide labor, material and equipment required to inspect your fall protection systems.
  2. Upon completion of the inspection of each system, Fallproof will provide you with an inspection report. The inspection report is designed to function as a checklist and to document the steps we have taken to recertify the system as being in conformance with OSHA regulations. Additionally, the report may contain photos and/or notes indicating system components that may require special attention on the next inspection.
  3. As part of our inspection we will perform minor, “on the spot” repairs as may be needed to maintain the system components in good working order. In addition, we will inspect the personal protective equipment that is used with each system.
  4. For systems that pass inspection we will tag the system showing the date of our inspection indicating that it is certified for use for one year or until the next inspection, if sooner.
  5. If any systems fail inspection, they will be “red tagged” to indicate that they should not be used until repaired or replaced. We will immediately notify you, and, if you wish, schedule a repair.

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Questions & Phone Orders

Questions & Phone Orders

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